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We move our children around in school years. So september to August children will be together as we move through the Setting. Little Stars - 3months to 1 years

This group is for babies aged 3 months to when they can start to walk confidently. Little Stars are located on the first floor of the Nursery where they can enjoy all types of learning experiences.  When you little one starts with us we ensure that their home routine is brought into the Nursery by gaining as much information from you through our settling-in sessions.  The children are provided with a Home Link book which ensures that parents/carers know daily what their children have been doing at the Nursery which includes sleep times, nappy changes, milk feeds and much more. Children in this group benefit from a craft room where they are able to be provided with creative / messy activities, their learning is extended to the outdoors area twice a day and they also have a sleep room where they can have their daily sleeps.  Little Stars are able to offer care for 9 children with 3 members of staff.  All staff are qualified and have experience of working with babies. 

Milky Ways  - 1 to 2years

This group is for confident walkers to the age of about 2 years.  Big Stars is located on the first floor of the nursery adjacent to Little Stars.  Big Stars and Little Stars have opportunities throughout the day to share time together.  The children are provided with Home Link books so that you know exactly what your child has been doing through the day.  They also enjoy their messy time in the craft room where they can paint, playdough, waterplay, sandplay, drawing and many more creative activities. Children go out in the garden twice a day to ensure that learning experiences are extended to the outdoor as well as indoors.  Big Stars are able to offer care for 9 children with 3 members of staff. 

Comets  - 2years to 3 years

This group is for children aged between 2 and 3.  Children in this group are encouraged to become independent and have access to free flow play and one adult led activity daily.  Staff complete weekly planning to ensure children are provided with challenging activities in order to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Children are planned for on an individual basis so that the children's interests are incorporated into the planning of activities. Children in this group are provided with their own water bottle and are encouraged to participate in preparing snacks, tidying up, setting up for lunches and helping out at tea times and getting involved in the planning of activities.  Children have access to the garden to extend their learning experiences where they can ride bikes, climb, chalking, painting, gardening and water play. Milky Way Movers is able to offer care for 12 children with 3 members of staff.

Planets - 3years to 4years

Planet room is the last room that your children will be in before they start their special journey into Big School. Children in this group are aged between 3 and 4years old.  It is in this group that we concentre on getting your children ready for School. Children are encouraged to particpate in all areas of the room including planning of activities, snack selection, tidying up and much more.  Planets have their own small garden so that they are given the opportunity of free flow to incorporate learning experiences outdoors. Daily the children are introduced to letters and sounds in various of activities and enjoy various topics which have been initiated by the children.  This is a very exciting year for your child and the staff work closely with the Local Schools to ensure transitition from Nursery to School is as smooth as possible.  Planets are able to offer care for 16 children with 3 members of staff.

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